The secret of Personalized Teacher Gift

Spa Day/ Golf Day. Every woman loves a good day at the spa and (almost) every man loves a good day at the golf course. Gift certificates for a great spa or golf course in your area will likely be appreciated by any teacher.

Teacher Gift Teachers love to wear beaded lanyards that coordinate with their clothing or with a theme of a school. With the beaded lanyard, a teacher is able to use the lanyard to attach their ID card, keys and other small important items. One lanyard found on the internet has rich colorful glass beads. Others may have beads and pendants such as a hand painted bus strung on the lanyard. Colorful lanyards are fun to wear and make a statement to the class and school about a teacher’s loyalty to the profession.

Thank You Teacher Gift Once you have gone through the lists add up the total from each one. If the total is still over your budget repeat Step 3 for any or all of your lists.

Of your teacher, that is. Everytime your teacher gets up to talk, make the bobblehead’s head move. Sure to annoy your teacher, but can also make a great Gift for Teacher Appreciation Day. Try and make them coincide and your teacher won’t mind the joking quite as much.

11. A dainty pickle ornament is always a hit, especially if your second cousin’s children are anxious for a game to play while the grownups talk turkey.

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