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My teacher asked me what I have been up to. He asked about my family and where I lived. I told him that I was married with children and where we lived. I told him we were in a hurry to get home before it got dark and that I would be back to see him every chance I get. And I kept my word the next time I was in Nigeria.

When my daughter first began playing piano, she did so on my old digital keyboard, a 10-year-old Christmas gift that had been gathering dust in my son’s room for two or three years. She picked it up and carried it to her room and began playing something that sounded remarkably, well, like, music. Like any proud, yet unrealistic, parent, I rushed out to immediately find her a piano teacher. The one minor problem? We didn’t own a piano.

Gift for Teacher Teacher appreciation week 2009 is not just for current students. Former students can also chose to appreciate a teacher who taught them whilst they were at school. Students can send a gift to their favourite teacher and tell them why they still remember them after leaving the school. This proves that this week can be enjoyed by everyone.

I know a lot about shame. I lived the first twenty-five years of my life in shame and it took me many, many years of deep emotional work to get clear of it. Shame still raises its ugly head in my life. And that brings us to the confessions and imperfections.

Step 6 – Shopping time. Take a copy of this master list with you to the stores. Every time you finish a shopping trip take a few minutes to update the original list (paper or computer) and the copy. Be sure to cross off the names on the copy you take to the store. The original list at home will have all the details to help keep you organized and within budget.

Teacher Gift The little boy thought about what the teacher said, and a smile lit up his face. With a twinkle in his eye, the little boy excitedly collected the vibrant colored crayons from his teacher and raced back to his desk. He stared at the page carefully, contemplating his new approach to this project, and then worked furiously to illuminate even the farthest edges of the paper.

Thank You Teacher Gift An easy way to find the perfect blues guitar teacher is to go where blues players perform. You will be surprised that many blues guitar players also teach when they are not performing. Listen to a set. If you are impressed by the lead player, ask the lead player when they go on break if they are willing to teach you to play. At the very least they may refer you to someone they know who teaches the style of blues they played.

I believe that our modern medicine really goes about health backwards. Prevention is more important than silver bullet at the end, which doesn’t always work, duh. I volunteer with organizations that deal with children’s health, rebuilding their faces, birth defects, all that kind of stuff. I was even on my local cities mayors committee, under the umbrella of the president’s council on the Americans with Disabilities act. Before they wrote the act, they wanted to know on a grass root level up, how people with disabilities are affected. What are their needs, how can they be an asset to the community and themselves? So I guess advocacy and humanity is the key ingredient there. I could talk for hours on that, but that’s kind of how I see it.

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